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The Gnostic Teachings website and all of its content — courses, lectures, radio, books, forums, etc — are freely available to you and ad-free because of donations. You can help: contribute today.

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By Mail

Send a check or money order to:

Glorian Publishing
PO Box 110225
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Online Banking

Most banks provide a way to create automatic payments to anyone you choose. This is an easy way to setup monthly donations.

Gnostic Store

Glorian Publishing is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the United States. Contributions are tax-deductible. Be sure to include your contact information with your donation if you would like to receive tax benefits.

Thank you for contributing to Glorian Publishing's efforts to aid humanity through raising awareness about the practical teachings of Gnosis.

More About Glorian and Donations

Since 1999, Glorian Publishing has been converting donations into:

  • High-quality books available worldwide
  • Free, information packed websites
  • Free audio lectures
  • Free, worldwide streaming radio
  • Free podcasts
  • Free, individual help from qualified instructors
  • Retreats open to anyone
  • Inspiring videos
  • And more to come

Support from donors who value the Gnostic teachings is essential to Glorian Publishing's ability to fulfill our mission: to raise awareness of the Gnostic teachings through all forms of media.

  • Approximately half of Glorian Publishing's revenue is contributed by people like you; the rest is derived from sales of books.
  • Glorian Publishing receives no funds from government grants, corporations, foundations, or other Gnostic organizations.
  • Glorian Publishing does not use loans or credit cards, and thus has no debts.
  • Glorian Publishing does not have a rich sponsor or cache of celebrities to finance our efforts.
  • Glorian Publishing does not own property, have a trust fund, or any other type of financial investment.

In other words, Glorian Publishing depends upon the financial support of people like you.

Glorian has a very ambitious mission to accomplish, and the production of effective media is expensive and time-consuming. We are always seeking new ways to help humanity, and your donations directly influence our ability to develop spiritual resources in new and emerging technologies, as well as established ones, while also growing and nurturing the resources we have already created.