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During the influence of Taurus, there are numerous exercises to develop ourselves spiritually. 

Taurus governs the larynx, which is where the power of the word is centered. With the exercises of Taurus one develops the creative power of the word and the magical ear.

"In this period of Taurus, we must take light to our creative larynx with the purpose of preparing it for the advent of the fire. The disciple must sit in a comfortable armchair; he must close his physical eyes in order for nothing of this vain and stubborn world to distract him; he must empty the mind, cast out of his mind all kinds of thoughts, desires, worries, etc. He must now imagine that the light accumulated during Aries, in his chalice, in his head, moves with Taurus towards his creative larynx. The devotee must sing the mantra AUM, he must open his mouth properly with the A, imagining that the light descends from the head to the larynx; then while vocalizing the U, vividly imagine that the light floods the throat. The mouth must be rounded properly to sing the U. The last letter is the M, closing the lips, expelling or casting out the breath with force, as if eliminating the refuse from the throat. This work is done singing the powerful mantra AUM four times." —Practical Astrology by Samael Aun Weor

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practical astrology by samael aun weor