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Use Aloe to Alleviate Suffering


There is so much suffering and confusion in the world: viruses, turmoil, fighting, disasters... It is our responsibility to help those who suffer, but often we do not know how. Here is an easy way to help: by using an aloe plant. 

One of the primary benefits of genuine spiritual work is that one accumulates energy that can be used to help others. Sexual purity harnesses solar power of tremendous voltage that can be directed by compassion and intelligence. One such method is by commanding the elementals of plants. This is a vast science, for each of the millions of plants has its own unique properties and abilities. One of the most useful is the aloe. 

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Protect Your Home from Negativity

IMG_0942 Protect Your Home from Negativity

There are proven, effective ways to protect yourself and your home from negativity, and they begin with discovering and changing the vulnerabilities in your mind.

Know Yourself

The most important spiritual defense is within you. When you are working on yourself daily, implementing the three factors (death of harmful actions, birth of virtuous actions, and sacrifice for others), not only do you acquire knowledge of your weaknesses so you can change them, you also attract protection from positive forces.

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Use Incense to Get Rid of Astral Parasites

Mustard seeds, asafoetida, sulfur, sage Use Incense to Get Rid of Astral Parasites

Just as there are parasites in the physical world that feed on impurities, there are also parasites in the subtle levels of nature, but you cannot see them with your physical eyes. These astral parasites are common where people think negatively, indulge in impure fantasy, or otherwise use their energies poorly. They are common in dirty places of any kind, such as where anyone fornicates, or garbage bins, dirty homes, movie theaters, bars, gyms and yoga studios (where lust is rampant), etc.

For instance, those who indulge in sexual fantasy and masturbation attract hordes of astral parasites to their environment, and also create very powerful parasites called incubi and succubi. Even if you have abandoned these activities, you still encounter people who have not.

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Balance the Three Factors

good samaritan Are you Sacrificing for Others?

To liberate the consciousness from suffering, we need a balance of three factors in our daily life:

Death of defects: sanctityBirth of the soul: chastitySacrifice for others: charity

Usually, students focus intensely on sexual transmutation, but invest far less attention into the other factors. If you want to advance on the path, sacrifice is essential:

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Scorpio and Samael

Venus and Mars The Angel Samael (Ares, Mars)

Those who enter into the difficult path of liberation from the causes of suffering need help from divinity. The compassion of the divine sends unto the deserving the fierce intelligence that wages war against the selfish, impure, lustful, etc. Among the many religions, that great warrior god has many names: Ares, Mars, Kartikeya, etc., but we prefer to use his Hebrew name: Samael סמאל.

Get Help to Handle Scorpio

From October 24th to November 22, the warrior-force of Ares / Samael is especially active, since Angel Samael controls the influence brought by Scorpio.

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"Comprehension does not belong to the past nor to the future; comprehension belongs to the moment in which we are living, here and now..."