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sacraments of the gnostic church courseSince all spiritual light emerged from the same source, likewise there is a fundamental, universal root for all rituals and stages of study, in all churches, temples, lodges, and mosques. These are the primordial sacraments, "sacred acts," of the Divine.

Every spiritual aspirant must pass through stages of study or initiation in their progress towards the Light. These stages are marked by rituals that symbolize the responsibilities they take on, and the benefits they will receive. This comprehensive course introduces the fundamental importance of the initiations and rituals practiced in all religions. The standard sacraments of Western traditions, such as baptism (mikvah), eucharist (passover), and marriage, can also be found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and more.

Originally given live and unscripted on Gnostic Radio.

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Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 01 Sacraments Part 1 Popular Download (mp3, 66.73 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 02 Sacraments Part 2 Popular Download (mp3, 56.36 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 03 Sacrament of Baptism Popular Download (mp3, 60.13 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 04 Sacrament of Penance Popular Download (mp3, 62.38 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 05 Sacrament of Communion Popular Download (mp3, 53.62 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 06 Sacrament of Confirmation Popular Download (mp3, 56.17 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 07 Sacrament of Matrimony Popular Download (mp3, 59.87 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 08 Sacrament of Priesthood Popular Download (mp3, 41.93 MB)
Sacraments of the Gnostic Church 09 Sacrament of Extreme Unction Popular Download (mp3, 67.97 MB)


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